About Birds of Earth

12 beautiful birds from 12 regions of the globe by 12 world-class photographers in a compact desk calendar



When I was a 6 year-old summering with my family in downeast Maine, a neighbor turned me on to an albino American Robin. My eyes popped out and I've been in love with birds ever since. As a grown up I've worn various hats as editor, photographer, designer, and art director in magazine and book publishing. I'm a firm believer in "do what you love, and love what you do" and combining these two passions of birding and publishing is what Birds of Earth is all about.

That combination first became a reality in my calendar called Phillip's Fetching Birds, which started out as a holiday gift for family and friends but has since grown to online and local retail sales. Some of you may be familiar with my Bird of the Day blog which is also reposted on FaceBook as birdaday. These are bird photos and blurbs drawn from my local haunts in coastal New England and the Canadian Maritimes, and are posted online every weekday. The posts are geared toward casual birders and birdlovers, mostly local, folks who don't necessarily keep lifelists or go on exotic birding expeditions, but have something more than a passing interest in the world of birds.



Through the wonders of the internet (particularly FaceBook, blogrolls, and listserves) I've found myself developing connections with photographers and birdlovers not just locally but all around the globe, and it seemed a natural extension to publish a calendar of bird images drawn from photographers whose work has inspired me. Every day now I see new and exciting photographs of birds from across the planet and think, "Wow, that would make a great calendar!" And that's the basic idea for Birds of Earth: 12 beautiful birds—12 regions of the globe—and 12 talented photographers.

I'm also a strong believer in creative collaborations, and I've learned over the years that the best results always come from the participants having a personal stake in any project's success. All of the photographers contributing to Birds of Earth share in its profits for permission to use their images. With any luck, the calendar is just the beginning of creative collaborations with more photographers from around the globe. Perhaps there'll be coffee table books someday or even future calendars specializing in specific groups of birds like Hummingbirds or Raptors. The sky's the limit.

—Phillip Augusta, October, 2010



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