Birds of Earth -- Call for Entries
A calendar featuring 12 photographers from around the world

This small printed calendar aims to illustrate the wonderful diversity and amazing beauty of birds around the world. 12 images will be chosen from 12 different photographers representing 12 different regions of the globe. Contributors chosen will receive complimentary copies, a one-time royalty payment, and promotional opportunities, not to mention worldwide fame for a month!

Next year a second calendar is planned which will focus on the beauty and diversity of the many Owls found around the world. This calendar will be called either "Owls of Earth" or "Birds of Earth—Owls" and like Birds of Earth, it will present images by 12 different owl photographers from different regions of the globe. Hummingbirds and Shorebirds are also undeer consideration.

Birds of Earth is inspired by some of the spectacular bird photographs being shared on blogs, listserves, and social networking sites. Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to enter images. Details are in the links below about format, subject matter, how to enter, and what you get if a photo of yours is chosen for next year's edition. If you miss the deadline for the current calendar year, the next year is likely already in the planning stage. Enter today, it's easy!

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