Birds of Earth -- Call for Entries


The Birds of Earth calendars are small and compact, built around standard 4 x 6 inch glossy photoprints. These prints are collated and gathered to be sold in clever little cases that unfold into display stands, or in refill packs to use with other display and framing alternatives sold separately.

The calendar type is designed into the composition much like a poster or magazine cover. For example:

In this sketch of a calendar month, the subject is to one side of the layout with a fairly simple background that isn't busy or high-contrast so the days of the week are still quite readable. Notice that there are 3 type elements--the month title, a squarish block of weekdays, and the credit info. These 3 elements can be separated and moved around to work for a variety of compositions, but together they will take up roughly half of the printed space without distracting too much from the subject bird, and still function as a working calendar. For additional examples of photographs that will work in this format, take a look at the images used in this year's calendar—Birds of Earth 2012.

Entering tightly-cropped images of birds without much in the way of a usable background is not recommended. Photographs with plenty ofsoft and/or mono-toned backgrounds are easy to work type into, and are more likely to be chosen, while photographs with busy or high contrast backgrounds make type difficult to read and are less likely to be chosen. Unfortunately, some otherwise fabulous photographs just don't work in this format. Some images may be doctored slightly in Phortoshop to remove distracting branches, or extend backgrounds. If a minor amount of creative editing becomes necessary to use an otherwise terrific photo of yours, you will be contacted for permission first.

In the magazine and print trade, photographs that can handle blocks of type and still have great visual impact are called "cover shots," and cover shots are what's needed for the Birds of Earth calendars.


Any bird or birds, from any location on the planet, can be entered. I'll be looking for images that go beyond your typical bird-on-a-stick portrait, in favor of images that convey an artistic eye, some drama, a story, beautiful colors, chicks, flight, or other visuals of bird life that still sing in this small format. Photoshop wizardry is acceptable if it results in a great image with identifiable birds. Illustrations that aren't primarily photographs of actual birds won't be considered.

A regular Birds of Earth Calendar is planned for 2013, with 12 different kinds of birds from 12 different parts of the globe as well as separate calendars for Hummingbirds of Earth, and Owls of Earth. Entering uncropped images of Owls and/or Hummingbirds, with similar format and subject criteria as described above, increases the likelihood one of your images will be chosen.

For guidelines on how to enter an image, follow the "How to Enter" link below.

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